The Chippewa Yacht Club is a members only website Incorporated 1895

1921 – CYC Yearbook



Officers, Members,

Constitution, and By-Laws

– Chippewa  Yacht Club

Chippewa Bay, N.Y. 

Organized, 1895






Commodor. . . . .RALPH C. SEYMOUR

       Vice-Commodore, SIDNEY T. MACKENZIE      

   Rear-Commodore, ARCHI E M. QUARRIER

     Secretary .… .F. RANDOLPH  BAILEY, JR.

    Treasurer . . . . .   CHEESMAN A. HERRICK


The-above officers and COLIN HERRICK



               SIDNEY T. MACKENZI


                 JOSEPH M. JAMESON

                  ARCHI E M. QUARRIER



                     Mrs. Philip H. Godwin

                                 MRS. JOSEPH M. JAMESON

                       MRS. R. C. SEYMOUR

                              Miss V1RG1N1A BROKAW



           Miss MARIE KNAP

         PHILIP H. GODN

              SIDNEY QUARRIER

                     DEVILLIERS SEYMOUR

1921 CYC Members

Ash, Dr.Brooklyn , N. Y.
Averell, S. G.Ogdensburg, N. Y.Clark, Dodge, Co.,New York City
Bailey, Dr. F. R.Atlantis Island, Chippewa  Bay,      Elizabeth, N. J.
Bailey, Mrs. F. R.Atlantis Island, Chippewa Bay, Elizabeth, 
Bailey, F. R., Jr.Atlantis  Island, Chippewa Bay, Elizabeth, 
Bailey, R. W.Atlantis Island, Chippewa Bay,Elizabeth, 
Bailey, Mrs. R. W.Atlantis   Island, Chippewa BayElizabeth,
Beale, Horace A., Jr.Belle Isle, Chippewa Bay, Parksburg,  Pa.
Bell, C. 0. R.Belle Isle, Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Bell, Mrs. C. 0. R.Mississagua, Ivy Lea, Ont.Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Benson, George F.Heart  Island, Alexandria Bay, N. Y.Montreal, Quebec
Bradley, EdsonA lexandria Bay, N. Y.60 Broadway, New York City
Brokaw, M. V.Cippewa Bay, N. Y.Bound Brook, N. J.
Brokaw, Mrs. M. V.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Bound Brook, N. J .
Brokaw, Miss VirginiaChippewa Bay, N. Y.Bound Brook, N. J .
Brown, William C.Prescott, Ontario
Burke, E. S., Jr.Alexandria Bay, N. Y.Cleveland, Oh
Chapman, FrankChippewa Bay, N. Y.Flushing, N. Y.
Chapman, Mrs. FrankChippewa Bay, N. Y.Flushing, N. Y.
Cobb, Dr. E. B.Elizabeth, N. J.
Dewart, William C.280 Broadway, NYC
Englis, C. M.Alexandria Bay, N. Y.340 Park Ave., NYC
Englis, Mrs. C. M.Alexandr ia Bay, N. Y.340 Park Ave., NYC
Englis, John, fodAlexandria Bay, N. Y.340 Park Ave., NYC
Englis, Miss Ruth-..Alexandria Bay, N. Y.340 Park Ave., NYC
Frazer, FrederickFrontenacSyracuse, N. Y.
Gillespie, T. A..Grenell, N. Y.50 Church St., NYC, NYC
Gillespie, H. S.Grenell, N. Y.So Orange, NJ
Glover, W. IrvingWest Hampton Beach, N. Y Englewood, N. J .
Godwin, P.H.Chippewa Bay, NYLarchmont, N. Y.
Godwin, Mrs. P. HChippewa Bay, NYLarchmont, N. Y.
Godwin , Miss JeanChippewa Bay, NYLarchmont, N. Y.
Gotthold, ArthurCos Cob, Conn.165 West 58th St., New York City
Hall, Miss Lillian WardChippewa Bay, N. Y.Philadelphia , Pa.
Hasbrouck , George S.A lexandria Bay, N. Y.13 1 West 76th St., NYC
Henwood, Miss EllenBelle Isle,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Herrick, Cheesman A.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Philadelphia , Pa .
Herrick, Mrs. Cheesman A. Chippewa Bay, N. Y. Philadelphia , Pa.
Herrick, Colin J.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Philadelphia, Pa.
Herrick, Miss Ruth T.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Philadelphia, Pa.
Howard , John C.Ponemah Island ,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Howard , John C.Ponemah Island ,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Howard, Mrs. John C.Ronemah Island,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Howard, Miss LouisaPonemah Island,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Howard, ThomasPonemah Island,Ogdensburg, N . Y.
Jameson, Miss Jean D.Sunnyside,New York City
Jameson, Mrs. Joseph M.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Philadelphia, Pa
Jameson, Miss MargaretChippewa Bay, N. Y.Philadelphia, Pa
Kilmer. Willis, S.Manzan ita Island,Atlantic City, N.j.
Knap, Miss Marie-Manzan ita Island,Atlantic City, N.j.
Kruesi, A. H.Schenectady, NY
Kruesi, Mrs. A. H.Schenectady, N. Y.
Laughl in, Henry A.Alexandria Bay, N. Y.Chestnut Hill, Pa.
Lawrence, M.J.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Cleveland, Oh
Lee, Dr. Guy CarletonChippewa Bay, N. Y.Carlisle, Pa
Lee, Mrs. Guy CarltonChippewa Bay, N. Y.Carlisle, Pa
Lindsay, Alex J. 1000 Island ParkNYC
Lowden, F. 0.Alexandria Bay, N. Y. Chicago, I II.
Lyon, C. P.Lookout lsland,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Lyon, Mrs. C. P.Lookout Island,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Lyon , Capt. D. H.Lookout Island,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Lyon, Mrs. D. H.Lookout Island,Ogdensburg, N. Y.
McKinney, PriceDry Island,Cleveland, Oh
Mackenzie, W. P.Ragnavok Island,Germantown, Pa
Mackenzie, Miss GeorgiaChippewa Bay, N. Y.NYC
Mackenzie, Miss FraneesChippewa Bay, N. Y.New York City
Mackenzie, Miss ClementinaRagnavokPhiladelphia, Pa
Mackenzie, Miss CorneliaChippewa Bay, N. Y.New York City
Maxfield, H. H.Atlantis Island,Pittsburgh, Pa.
Maxfield, Mrs. H. H.Atlantis Island,Pittsburgh, Pa.
Maxfield , Miss EleanorAtlantis Island,Pittsburgh, Pa.
Menckel, Mr. A. M.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Pelham, N. Y.
Menckel, Mrs. A. M.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Pelham, N. Y.
Miles, A. G.Alexandria Bay, N. Y.New York City
Miles, S. H.Rob Roy,New York City
.Morris, W. D.Chippewa Bay, N. Y.Ottawa, Ont
Newell, AllanOgdensburg, N. Y.
Oliphant, NorrisNew York City
Phillips, Dr. W. C.New York City
Pierson, D. H.Ragnavok Island,New York City
Post, W. H.Scow Island,New York City
Post, Miss FannyScow Island ,New York City
Quarrier, A. B.Ragnavok Island,Short Hills, NJ
Quarrier, SidneyRagnavok Island,Short Hills, N J
Quarrier, A. M.Ragnavok Island,Short Hills, N J
Reed, F. A.Poole’s Resort, Ont.New York City
Rudsamen, E. B.Alexandria Bay, N. Y.New York City
Seymour, John P.Niagra Falls
Seymour, Ralph C.Choke Cherry, Island, ·Larchmont, N. Y.
Seymour, Mrs. R. C.Choke Cherry, Island,Larchmont, N. Y.
Seymour, FrancesChoke Cherry Island,Larchmont, N. Y.
Sifton, HarryOttawa, Ont.
Sterrett, RaymondNYC
Strong, A. K.Chippewa Bay, N.- Y.Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Strong, Mrs. E. L.Snug Harbor,Ogdensburg, N. Y.’
Tichenor, Mrs. T., Jr.Atlantis Island,Elizabeth, N. J.



The House Committee has planned for a social gather­ing every Saturday afternoon during the racing season, at which  time tea will be served on the Club House veranda. Various ladies of the Club will act on the different afternoons as hostesses.

The situation of  the Club House and the bath  houses make it  an  excellent place  for swimming. The  dock has been provided  with a diving board  which will add greatly to the enjoyment of  the water.                            ·

It is hoped that  a photograph  album  may be started to contain pictures of the Yacht Club activities, races, members’ boats, etc. Members are asked to donate pictures.

A Victrola and new records have been obtained by subscription to add to the attract ions of the Club House


The Regatta Committee expects to make the season of 1921 one of the best in the history of the Club.

The usual Saturday races will  be  held  during July and August. It is hoped that these races will be even more largely attended than  last summer.  It is planned to have the races on Saturday afternoons.

Several interesting events are being planned for the 4th of July, which will mark the opening of the racing season.

A perpetual trophy has been presented to the Club by Dr. Guy Carleton Lee for annual handicap sailing races over the Chippewa Yacht Club course. These races will be open to all sailboats whose owners are members of organized yacht clubs. The races for the cup this year will probably be held during the week ending August 6th.

The Annual Regatta will be replaced this year by a race-week to be held during the week  ending  August 20th. Races and water sports of all kinds  will  be  in­cluded  in  the events of  this  week.


A winding, well-shaded path  leads  from  the  Club House to the tennis court, on the opposite side of  the island. This   court   was originally   accurately graded and fully enclosed by the owners of Wyanoke, and was recognized as one of the  best  courts  in  the  Chippewa Bay region. Through  the kindness of  Mrs. Orcutt, this court has been included in the lease to  the  Chippewa Yacht Club, and it will be used , during  the season  of 1921, as a Club court.  The  management of  the  Club has had the court resurfaced and put in first-class condition.

Tennis privileges arc extended to al l members of the Chippewa Yacht Club. The Tennis’ Committee  urges all interested in the game to make full and frequent use of  the court.

The week of August 8-13th has been(set aside as Tennis Week A Club Tournament will be arranged, comprising men’s singles, ladies’ singles and mixed doubles. The finals in all three events will be played Saturday, August 13th. Cups will be awarded to the winners, and tea will be served on the Club House veranda, after the matches.





This Association shall be known as the CHIPPEWA YACHT CLUB.



The officers shall be a Commodore, a Vice-Commodore, a Rear­ Commodore, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.


There shall be an Executive Committee, consisting of the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear-Commodore, Secretary, and Treas­urer, and one other member; and House, Regatta and Tennis Com­mittees each consisting of five members.



The officers and  Executive Committee  shall be elected at  the annual meeting, to be held in Chippewa Bay, in August of each year. The election shall be by ballot, and a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to a choice. The officers and committees thus elected shall hold office until their successors are elected. A vacancy in any office shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee, and the person so appointed shall hold office until the next annual meeting and until his successor is elected.



Sec. 1. It shall be the duty of the Commodore to command the squadr0n. to preside at all meetings, and to enforce the laws and regulations. He shall call a meeting of the  Club at the written request of three members, or he may do so at his discretion.

  • 2. It shall be the duty of the Vice-Commodore to assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties, and in the latter’s ab­sence he shall act as Commodore.
  • 3. It shall be the duty of the Rear-Commodore to assist the above officers, and in their absence he shall act as Commodore.
  • 4. lt shall be the duty of  the Secretary to  keep  a  correct roll of the members and yachts of the Club; to keep full records of the proceedings of each meeting of the Club, and in case of special meet­ings to designate the business intended; to  notify the  members of their election to office; to notify each member-elect of  his election and  to  furnish him with  a Club Book  for the current year.
  • 5. I t shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have the custody of the funds of the Club ; to collect all dues; to pay all debts  con­tracted by the Club; and to keep accounts of all receipts and       dis­bursements. He shall make a report of the financial condition of t he Club when requested by the Commodore, and at the annual meeting also.
  • 6. It shall be the duty of the Measurer to measure all yachts competing in any regatta, to compute their racing lengths when called upon to do so, and to hand his report to the Regatta      Com­mittee.


Sec. 1. The Regatta Commit tee shall consist of five members appointed annually by the Executive Committee. They shall re­ceive entries for all regattas, act as judges thereof, and in event of the absence of any of them appoint a substitute or substitutes, pro­vide stake boats, appoint members to assist the committee, and direct a ll matters connected with regattas. All disputes shall be subject to their decision, which in the case of a motor race shall be subject to the rules of the American Power-Boat Association, and in the case of a sailing race be based on sailing rules and regulations so far as they apply, and when not, the ordinary customs of the sea shall prevail. They shall have full power, with .or without protest, to disqualify any yacht which shall have violated  any rule of the Club or custom of the sea. They shall have no power to alter or abridge the rules or regulations in any respect, nor to make any special rules inconsistent therewith . They shall choose one of their number to act as secretary for the committee, whose duty it shall be to keep a record of the proceedings of the Committee with full details thereof.

  • 2. A member of the Regatta Committee owning wholly , or in part, any yacht entered for a race, shall retire from the Committee for that race.
  • 3. The Executive Committee shall have the power to disqualify for the season. Every yacht or owner disputing the final decision of the Regatta Committee.
  • 4. There shall be no appeal from the decision of this committee.



Each candidate for membership must be proposed, in writing, by a member to the Executive Committee, who alone shall have the power to elect and who can exercise that power at any time.



Sec. 1. The entrance fee shall be three dollars.

2. The yearly dues shall be five dollars for all members fifteen years of age or over, members under fifteen years of age, one dollar, payable on the first day of June of each year.

3. When the dues of any member shall remain unpaid for the space of one month , the Treasurer shall notify such member, and if remaining unpaid a  month  longer his membership shall  terminate



Sec. 1. The annual meeting shall be held  in Chippewa  Bay, in August.

  • 2. The Commodore shall call special meetings on the  written request of three members, or he may do so at his discretion.
  1. 3. Three members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting.
  • 4. If, at the annual meeting, no quorum be present, the       pre­siding officer shall adjourn the meeting to a day fixed by him, with the same effect as i f held as above provided.



This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of a ll present at any regular or special meeting of the Club; the proposed amendment having been stated in the call for the meeting.




Notices shall be sent to every member of all meetings at least ten days prior thereto. Notices for”special meetings shall state the pur­poses for which they are called.



1. Reading minutes.

2. Reports of Officer

3. Reports of Committees

4 . Unfinished Business.

5. General Business

6. Installation of Officers.

All reports of Officers and Committees shall be in writing and, if accepted, filed with the Secretary.



Sec. 1. Every yacht owned or chartered by a.member or members of this Club may be enrolled in the squadron of the Club by owner’s  filing with the Secretary a description thereof.

  • 2. No yacht which is not registered on the Club record shall be entitled to representation in the Club.



Sec. 1. The distinguishing signal of the Club shall be a pointed burgee of a blue ground with a white longitudinal bar through the center.

  • 2. The distinguishing night signal of the Club shall be a Caston light showing blue-white-blue in succession.



Sec. 1. The Commodore shall fly a broad blue rectangular pennant with a white horizontal bar through the center.

  • 2. The Vice-Commodore’s pennant shall be the same as the Commodore’s, substituting a red for a blue field .
  • 3. The Rear-Commodore shall  fly  a  broad  white  rectangular

pennant with a blue horizontal bar through the center.



All regattas shall be   sailed over the Chippewa Yacht Club course



All races or power-boats shall be governed by the rules or the American Power-Boat Association, or which the Chippewa Yacht Club is a  member.



These By-Laws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote or all present at a regular or special meeting or t he Club, the pro­posed amendment having been stated in the call for the meeting .