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Chippewa Bay Boat Launch Project

Nov 12, 2021

Update on Chippewa Bay Boat Launch Project

For decades, CYC has been committed to providing river access to our neighbors in Hammond so they can enjoy it like we do. Over 65 years ago, CYC deeded a right of way through our property to the town of Hammond for a boat launch. Today, we continue that commitment and we are working with the town and the local community to help maintain and improve this access.

Over the years, this facility has suffered significant wear and tear, especially in recent high water years, and is now badly in need of repairs. There has also been an increasing problem with congestion and parking at the facility. The town of Hammond, realizing this, applied to the state to receive funding to help rebuild the boat launch and has been proceeding with a plan to improve the docks, ramp, and surrounding area.

Over the summer, the CYC board engaged the local community, specifically the Fish and Game Club and the Chippewa Bay Community Club, to work with the town in creating a plan that would best serve all our needs. The shared objectives are:

  • Repairing and strengthening the infrastructure
  • Reducing congestion
  • Solving the growing problem of parking on Denner Road and in the parking area associated with the launch.

A community group led by Jadd Brown worked with the town to revise initial plans to help us achieve these goals. Some specifics of this revised plan include:

  • One ramp, not the original planned two, to help with congestion
  • A scaled down approach to additional docks
  • A more permanent sanitation facility including an in-ground porta potty tank to improve bathroom facilities.

The town has forwarded this plan to the architectural firm associated with the project to detail these ideas. While nothing is finalized or “approved,” we all think this is moving in the right direction.

In terms of parking, the CYC and the local community are in agreement that this is a significant and growing problem. The town shares this concern and is actively taking steps to improve it. This is not a simple task given the bureaucracies involved with putting signs up (landowner/County/State approvals) as well as the fact that Hammond does not have enforcement capabilities. But progress has happened and will continue. To date, the town is planning to clean up the lot on Calaboga and make it the primary parking area. There are already new signs at the waterfront informing boaters to park in the lot up the hill, new signs in front of the garages, as well as new pavement in front which will have yellow paint applied to it to reinforce parking restrictions. New no parking signs are planned for lower Denner Road once all the approvals are secured. We will also be installing new signs around the club parking area to reduce nonmember parking and thru traffic.

The emergence of out-of-town bass fishers causing congestion both at the launch and on the water is a shared issue between the CYC and the local community. Since this is a public launch, this issue may be the trickiest to solve. We hope the new signage and the improved parking area up the hill will help this situation. In addition, we, along with the local community, are developing a communications plan to use with national bass fishing organizations to ask for their help in not promoting Chippewa Bay and in emphasizing its limited capacity as a launching place.

We know this is an important project for the CYC and the local community. While this is very much a work in progress, we think a lot of progress has been made since last summer, and we will continue to press forward on improving the infrastructure and addressing the congestion issues.

We will be sure to keep club members informed of any new developments.

~ CYC Board of Directors