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Chippewa Bay Boat Launch Project

Sept 8, 2023

The repairs to the Town Docks and boat launch will begin on Oct 2, 2023. At that point, the boat ramp will be closed for the season. While this is an inconvenience for some, it will result in a much needed and improved facility for the town and for CYC members in the spring.

Small and mid-sized boats can be trailered out of the river at the natural boat launch by the contractor dock after Oct 1 assuming the water stays at the level it is at. If you use someone to take your boat out, you may want to confirm with them that they are comfortable with that option.

Bigger boats can also be taken out at other boat ramps in the area. However, many of us have
unregistered trailers and Jadd Brown, for one, has stated he is not comfortable towing
unregistered trailers.

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