The Chippewa Yacht Club is a members only website Incorporated 1895

CYC History


1922 CYC Regatta
CYC Yearbook 1921
Rivertime 1995
Continuity 2020 single frame
Submerged Fortress
125th CYC Anniversary
1908 Cedar Island House
Who's up 1981 by
Susan Manes
River Rescue 1976 by Nicholas Quarrier


Ad Beste Movies 1929 - 1964
1919 - Islands of the St Lawrence
1928 Chippewa Bay - Carrie Godwin


1995 CYC Centennial

 -Video provided by Chris and Linda Wood      

Amazon film - Devil's Island

 Member Boating Adventures  

2021 Cedar Island to
Plymouth Mass via Erie Canal
by CJ Gorius
The Great Loop 2006 by
Patrick & Mary Fowles